Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Making elderflower cordial. Day two . . . .

..... now bug free, time for me to sift through the whole lot, throwing out any leaves, scraggy heads and any other unwanted items!
Using about 2 fresh lemons per carrier bag of elderflowers. I squeezed their juice all over the flowers and threw the lemon skins into the bucket too, for extra flavour.
Using my biggest pans and the kettle, I boiled water and poured it over the flowers - enough to cover them. This is the infusion bit - like making a pot of tea. I gave them a good stir and a squash, making sure the flowers were all well immersed.
My tub of infusing elderflowers will now sit in the kitchen, covered with a cloth, out the way, staying pretty cool for 3 days. I'll try and give it a stir once or twice a day.
To those not in the know, the house will smell a bit like cat pee! To the informed, the fabulous pungent aroma of country lanes and meadows.

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