Monday, July 1, 2013

Making elderflower cordial. Day one.

Its that time of the year again, well actually it's later than usual, I don't ever remember picking elderflowers as late as the 1st of July.
I have been watching their growth for a few weeks - the best flavoured cordial is made from full blooms, heavy with pollen and drenched in sunlight.
After a weekend of sunshine, some time to spare and a couple of helpers, I decided that this evening was just the right time for picking.
Armed with scissors and plastic bags, we headed to the park.
I guessed right - beautiful, big, pollen laden clusters.
We arrived back home, just the way I like it - covered in yellow powder, carrying over flowing bags.
Tumbled into tubs the elderflowers will be left over night to allow the bugs to escape.........

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