Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making elderflower cordial. The next stage.

I have been jiggling and stirring my elderflowers and lemons for several days and they are now suitably infused ready for the next stage.

I just dive straight in and pull the bulk of the flowers and lemons out with my hands, give a little squeeze and throw these away. (Into my brown compost bin!!)
I'm left with a dark brown liquid with little elderflower petals and bits floating in it, this all needs straining so that it is totally particle free.

I do this through a piece of muslin. Over the years I've devised a what could seem, a rather complicated and 'Heath Robinson.' stylie contraption, but it works.
Upturned stool, each corner of the muslin tied to a stool leg, bucket placed underneath. I then just pour my liquid onto the muslin, which collects all the unwanted stuff and the clear golden liquid is collected in the bucket below - marvellous!

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